Maintain Staff Records with CareDocs

Store staff information and monitor training records.

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An important aspect of CareDocs is that managers have complete control over what information can be accessed and by whom.

Once staff have been added to the system, each member is given a level of access appropriate to their job role, and this limits the features available to them. Standard job role templates are instantly available, so staff can be given a user account quickly and easily. Individual needs can be catered for as, all the access settings can be tailored by managers.

Supervisions and training records can be maintained, and a timesheet function allows staff to record their working hours. All the information – including a training matrix and training review report – can be printed or simply stored securely on CareDocs Cloud.

All users have access to a messaging service allowing them to send messages to each other. This is proving to be a popular means of communication for managers to ensure that all staff are kept abreast of important information.

What’s Included in CareDocs Staff Administration?

As well as addresses and all other contact details, you can record DBS and references data. Managers can reset user passwords if they are forgotten or have been compromised.
A simple, straighforward way to record hours worked. All records are permanently stored within CareDocs for future reference if needed.
Training records can be administered easily with the ability to add new courses on an individual basis, so users can track training requirements and ensure that all mandatory training is always up to date.

A training matrix is also available, so you can have a graphic representation to keep close to hand.

A reminder system will ensure that periodic supervisions are not missed and a ready-made template will help make the whole process as simple as possible.

Staff can contribute with space to add their comments and all the completed sessions are retained for future reference.

The CareDocs managing centre allows all users within the care home to send messages to one another. Managers can send messages with an instruction that requires users to acknowledge receipt – a valuable feature where important information needs to be conveyed.

Unlike email applications, CareDocs is entirelty self-contained and therefore immune to virus attacks and spam messages.

What are the Advantages?

Why your home can rely on the CareDocs system.

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All of your records are stored securely within CareDocs, and you decide who can have access to the information, with all information being recorded in a standardised format to enable fast and time-saving input.

CareDocs can produce training matrices and training review reports that will ensure that your staff’s training records will always be up to date, giving you complete peace of mind.

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