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Our founders

CareDocs Meet the team Jon Ann

Jon Ann

Managing Director

I developed the original CareDocs software and now consult for future products.

CareDocs Meet the team Kris Ann

Kris Ann


As an active member of the care community you can regularly find me at care events.

Senior management team

CareDocs Meet the team Alan Pocock

Alan Pocock

General Manager

To ensure we're always moving in the right direction I oversee our daily operations.

CareDocs Meet the team James Leyland

James Leyland

Marketing Manager

I’m passionate about improving our customer communication and overall experience.

Meet the team_Sarah Conn

Sarah Conn

Senior Business Development Manager

Myself and my team are dedicated to helping you digitally transform your business.

CareDocs Meet the team Hamza Mabrook

Hamza Mabrook

Head of Development

I’m responsible for the development of current and future products and digital solutions.

Our dedicated team

CareDocs Meet the team Kyle Pearson

Kyle Pearson

Business Development Manager

Your satisfaction is my top priority and I'm dedicated to helping your business excel with CareDocs.

CareDocs Meet the team Kevin Cole

Kevin Cole

Business Development Manager

Demonstrating our software allows me to meet many passionate professionals within care.

CareDocs Meet the team Karen Ellis

Karen Ellis


Training people on our software and its benefits is one way I can make a difference to others' lives.

Meet the team_Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis

Customer Support Advisor

Whether you need guidance, advice or clarification, I’m here to help you use the system confidently.

CareDocs Meet the team Corey Britton

Corey Britton

Senior Support Analyst

I provide software and hardware support, investigate faults and manage repairs and new builds.

CareDocs Meet the team Lewis Arthur

Lewis Arthur

Support Technician

Along with processing hardware repairs and replacements I also arrange stock for our customers.

CareDocs Meet the team Joshua Dicks

Joshua Dicks

Customer Support Advisor

As part of the support team, I'm standing by to help you resolve any issues you may have.

CareDocs Meet the team Jade Escreet

Jade Escreet

Customer Support Advisor

I really enjoy being on the front line, taking calls and sharing my words of wisdom with customers.

CareDocs Meet the team Joe Webber

Joe Webber


If you've recently read a CareDocs communication, there's a good chance it was written by me.

CareDocs Meet the team Lizzie Corcoran

Lizzie Corcoran

Marketing Executive

I manage and create advertising campaigns, social media content and SEO for our website.

CareDocs Meet the team Ryan Clements

Ryan Clements

Graphic Designer

Making the world more engaging one email, video, animation, illustration or document at a time.


Colette Parsons

Finance Officer

In addition to the essential task of keeping track of birthdays, I handle all finance and HR matters.

CareDocs Meet the team Claire Eland

Claire Eland

Business Administrator

To ensure we keep running efficiently I support in various capacities around the business.

CareDocs Meet the team David Barraclough

David Barraclough

Full Stack Developer

As well as product web development, I'm involved with Azure and database related tasks.


Adam Barnett

Software Engineer

My role involves leading the development of our desktop-focused products.


Krzysztof Zajac

Software Engineer

Developing digital solutions that support the care sector is hugely rewarding work.

Meet the team_Simon Hoade

Simon Hoade

Software Engineer

I specialise in mobile app development and I'm currently helping the team to build an exciting new CareDocs mobile app.

Meet the team_Istvan Farkas-Kiraly

Istvan Farkas-Kiraly

Software Engineer

I’m experienced in developing applications and I’m enjoying the challenge of building the new CareDocs app.


Jess Townsend

UX Designer

It's my job to give our customers the best possible experience when they're using our software.

CareDocs Meet the team Anna Szumska

Anna Szumska

UX Designer

I help make sure our products are easy and intuitive to use, effective and look great too.

Meet the team_Jon Hiden

Jon Hiden

Software Development Engineer in Test

I write code to make the testing process more efficient so issues can be identified faster.

CareDocs Meet the team Sandeep Kotte

Sandeep Kotte

Software Test Engineer

It's my job to test the software and our future updates to make sure everything is running smoothly.

CareDocs Meet the team Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Software Test Engineer

I joined CareDocs in 2008 and recently have moved into software testing & quality control.


James Harris

Software Development Apprentice

Formerly a member of the support team, I’m now growing my software development skills.

Meet the team_Lana Zwart

Lana Zwart

Product Owner

I’m responsible for translating our business needs into requirements for the development team to create new products.

Meet the team_Ingrid Larsen

Ingrid Larsen

Product Manager

I research and drive product improvements while having a clear focus on meeting customer needs.

CareDocs Meet the team Wendy Conn

Wendy Conn

Subject Matter Expert

It's my responsibility to ensure that our product content stays up to date with the sector.


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