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Thinking of becoming a CareDocs customer? Here are several common questions we get which can help you understand us better.

You will also find a great deal more information about CareDocs by browsing through our website. However, if you have any specific questions, or if you’d simply like to talk to someone about any aspect of CareDocs, then please get in touch by calling us on 0330 056 3333, or by making a general, sales or technical support enquiry.

CareDocs is an innovative digital care planning and home management solution for residential and nursing care homes which puts residents at the heart of the software.

Designed by care home owners for care experts, and developed with the help of care sector consultants, CareDocs offers all the features that you’ll need to ensure the efficient running of your care home. We specialise in helping you create fully bespoke person-centred Care Plans in three simple steps, as well as providing a quick and easy way to carry out comprehensive Assessments.

Managers have immediate access to all the information about residents, staff and the care home. Reminders are automatically generated to ensure that all records are up to date and all aspects of home management are not overlooked.

There’s a host of other features that will simplify your day-to-day responsibilities as well as reduce the need for many paper records.

Although hand-written care plans are perfectly acceptable there are many advantages to be had from digital, cloud-based versions.

The major advantage is that a digital care plan is accessible anywhere and is constantly backed-up. It’s also easy to maintain and update. You can change any of the content without having to add replacement pages or making references within the text pointing to later versions. CareDocs enables you to keep all sections of the Care Plan up to date and allows you to keep a printed copy of the most recent version.

You can also be confident that a CareDocs Care Plan covers all the areas required to produce a compliant care plan and that nothing is overlooked.

Other advantages include:

  • Clarity of text – no more illegible notes due to varying standards of handwriting.
  • Electronic copies of the information can be emailed to reporting authorities if required.
  • Information can be retrieved quickly and accurately. Customised reports can save many hours of trawling through paper records to find crucial information.
  • Health monitoring charts can automatically produce graphs and make calculations such as BMI without any chance of human error. A full history is always instantly available.
  • All amendments are recorded against the carer’s name and the dates of the changes displayed so you can be sure that you’re working from the most recent version.
  • A full audit trail is available and all previous versions are permanently stored for retrieval at any future time.
  • Since all the information is stored electronically the need to maintain large, paper archives is removed.

We recognise that many carers are not regular computer or mobile device users, and making the transition to a digital solution can be a daunting prospect.

We have thousands of users who have found CareDocs easy to learn and, within a very short time, find it a powerful tool to help with care planning and home management.

A user manual is included in the CareDocs package and we provide initial training when the system is first installed to enable you to start using it straight away. We then offer unlimited telephone support to make sure that you can always get the help you need as well as free training materials. Further on-site training is available and, for a fee, we can arrange bespoke training for those homes that would like something a bit more extensive.

There are several security measures built into CareDocs to help you keep control over the information.

Managers have complete control over the staff that are able to use the CareDocs computers and can also decide how much of the information can be accessed by an individual. This ensures that confidential, personal data is only accessible by those who are authorised to do so. Every user is assigned a unique password and the activity of all users while using the system is logged automatically.

Like all computer systems, some common-sense measures need to be taken to ensure the hardware is protected. We can supply cable locks for laptops if required (at extra cost) and can offer advice on how best to protect the hardware in your care home.

CareDocs has no limit on the amount of information that it can hold and process. Each account can maintain records on an unlimited number of residents and staff.

There is no set rule but most of our customers find that up to around 20 residents can be catered for on one device. As the number of residents increase, the amount of time that care staff spend updating Daily Notes and Care Plans means that more devices are needed.

We’re more than happy to discuss your requirements and can offer guidance how to achieve maximum benefit from CareDocs.

We supply the initial computer system required to run the CareDocs software and any additional devices you may require. But CareDocs Cloud subscribers can access their CareDocs accounts from any location using any device with an internet browser via CareDocs Cloud Portal.

There’s no limit to the number of devices we can provide you with, including dedicated desktop computers and mobile devices that are free from interruptions from other applications. We also provide free technical support in the rare circumstance that a fault develops.

CareDocs is supplied as a complete care planning and care home management solution.

In order that we can provide full technical support, we supply CareDocs pre-installed on a desktop or laptop computer. That means you don’t need to install or download anything. Additional systems connect to the main CareDocs system and all information is fully accessible throughout your care setting.

A CareDocs package includes:

  • A laptop or desktop computer.
  • Dedicated memory sticks for backups (CareDocs Local).
  • All future upgrades.
  • Unlimited technical support.
  • A comprehensive user manual.
  • Initial training and reasonable subsequent training.

All our subscription packages include full technical support so you have peace of mind that we will sort out any problems that may arise on your CareDocs computers. We also provide initial training when we install the system so you can get the most from CareDocs right from the start and reasonable ongoing training is also included. We can organise dedicated group training sessions if you need them although a fee is payable for this service.

Subscription packages are for a minimum of 12 months and fees are payable monthly – usually by direct debit.

When we install your system we also provide initial training to make sure that you can start using the system straight away.

A comprehensive user manual is included in the package and this details all the various sections and functions of CareDocs and how to access them. This will answer most of your questions while you’re getting used to the system, but full telephone support is available during office hours and we offer an out-of-hours support service.

We also supply training materials in the form of webinarsvideos and guides to offer you various methods of learning, because we know everybody learns in their own way.

If your care home has an internet connection we can also offer online, remote training. This enables us to interact with your computer in real time and allows us to show you how to achieve what you need help with.

A reasonable amount of face-to-face training is also available if you need us to visit your care home but we encourage users to share their knowledge with other carers as this helps to develop ‘best practice’ for your unique circumstances. Further sessions can be arranged but we may charge for this service.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Thanks to the feedback of our customers we’ve grown a lot since our launch in 2008. However, one thing that remains the same is the values CareDocs was built upon. We’re committed to making a difference to the lives of people in the care sector and that starts with you.

CareDocs is a powerful tool in supporting our compliance with the Fundamental Standards
We are happy to recommend CareDocs as the software is a powerful tool in supporting our compliance with the Fundamental Standards. Its ability to upload records to Resident files is also helping us move towards a goal of a paperless environment.
Sharon Annakie
Registered Manager, Abele Care
The outstanding support from the CareDocs team is fantastic
There has been a genuine willingness to use CareDocs as the care staff could really see the benefit of using it. I was immediately struck by the intuitive way in which it had been built, & the breadth of the functionality it supported. The outstanding support from the CareDocs team is fantastic.
Nicola Hazzard
Quality Assurance Manager, Cross Crown Care Homes
The Care Plan and Body Map features are amazing
I would recommend CareDocs to be used in care homes as it is a really efficient system for recording. The Care Plan and Body Map features are amazing.
Diana Piscoi
Clinical Lead, Carebase
Abbas Abeadli
One of the best investments!
CareDocs is arguably one of the best investments our home has made and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of changing from paperwork to a computer management system.
Abbas Abeadli
Deputy Manager, Eton House
Cheryl Williams
CareDocs has been our saviour!
CareDocs has been our saviour and has assisted us with managing and maintaining compliance and the quality of the person-centred care we provide, impressing our inspectors on many occasions.
Cheryl Williams
Registered Manager

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