Record data at the point of care with CareDocs.

Capture what’s important, where it’s important.

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Recording data and events at the point of care is good practice. It helps to achieve compliance, improves accuracy and saves significant amounts of time.

From a mobile device, and in just a matter of seconds, CareDocs enables users to enter events or add notes for each resident quickly, accurately and efficiently. Entries can be scrutinised, and comprehensive evidence of a user’s amendments and changes to records are logged.

The days of writing notes at the end of a shift are gone!

Point of Care Information.

CareDocs doesn’t just enable quick and easy data entry. It also provides users with access to key information on the go. Carers can swiftly become aware of daily preferences and needs of residents they haven’t cared for before, ensuring they know exactly how to move and feed them within seconds, and before engaging in any of these activities.

Dedicated, Branded Devices.

Our devices are encased in our clear and distinctive CareDocs branding, enabling residents and their families to recognise that a care provider is working and not just checking a personal mobile phone.

Care Recording Whenever It’s Needed.

Point of care recording and immediate access to information ensures that care providers, and their organisations, are utilising available data to provide high levels of personalised care at all levels.

Take a Look at the Advantages:

All of your residents’ important information is stored securely on the CareDocs system.
Adding notes can be done remotely and take less time than traditional paper records.
By making the process simpler, carers have more time to concentrate on the contents of each note and records become much more comprehensive.
Handwriting, spelling and grammar can often become an unnecessary issue in care records. Using our dedicated devices, carers can dictate their notes to CareDocs, which improves accuracy and reduces room for error as a result of misinterpretation.
Any resident’s information can be found quickly and easily on our easy to navigate system.
Our variety of reports allow you to print out the information you require in a clear and legible format.
Each report is formatted professionally, and includes your care home’s logo and contact details.

View a Sample Emotional Mapping Report.

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