Innovative care home software and management for any care setting.

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Innovative care planning and home management for any care setting.

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What is CareDocs?

Designed by care home owners, for care home owners.

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CareDocs is a well-established digital care planning and management system for any care setting, trusted by residential and nursing care homes through to specialist care and domiciliary care agencies. Available on the cloud, CareDocs is highly innovative yet easy to use, which is why we are the leading care home management software provider nationwide.

Simplify your day-to-day care recording using our dedicated devices and ensure your care records are up to date from anywhere. Give your staff more time to care and reinvest your savings on alternative provisions; these are just some of the benefits of implementing CareDocs.

Renowned for supporting our customers, we provide enhanced data security, unlimited technical help, on-site training, and frequent updates to the software, making us a truly complete care management solution. Take the first step towards enjoying smart care anywhere by booking a demo of CareDocs today.


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Why Choose CareDocs?

You’ll save more than just money when incorporating CareDocs.

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Save Time, Money and Space
CareDocs seeks to maximise the time carers can spend with the people they support, giving them time to care.

Assessments can be completed with ease on mobile devices with the individual, without having to fill out extensive paper-based forms. When re-assessing, the previous answers are shown, allowing for carers to fully understand any changes in needs since the previous assessment.

Daily notes can be added in real-time from mobile devices, enabling carers to continue with their day without having to return to the paper files. To save even more time, each note type can be pre-loaded with text, prompting carers to record with clarity, and yet maintain efficiency.

All the information is stored electronically; this ensures staff can find the information they need quickly, and reduces the need to print care records, saving storage space as well.

Maintain Comprehensive Records
CareDocs supports you in gathering all the necessary information you need and highlights any critical information that is missing.

Reminders can be set to regularly review the information, ensuring that records are maintained and up to date. Information is stored securely, using industry standard encryption techniques, and in compliance with GDPR.

Care files are a fusion of personal information, contacts, forms, charts, and choice pages, together with our care plans, which are produced using our unique assessment process. These care records have been designed to produce an all-inclusive package that is thorough and understandable, and ensures that you can deliver person-centred care.

The comprehensive assessment questions cover all areas, including the Activities for Daily Living (ADLs); unnecessary questions are skipped, ensuring time is focussed only on aspects that are relevant. Combined with other information, CareDocs can then generate a personalised draft care plan including risk assessment, with risk scores automatically generated; this can then be further edited as necessary.

Reviewing care plans is easy, with a selection of short assessments such as ‘MUST’ or Waterlow, enabling risk scores to be re-calculated in line with changing needs. A full history of changes is recorded by the system, so you can identify who made changes and when.

Staff records include supervision and appraisals allowing you to support your staff to provide excellent care. Training modules can be created highlighting mandatory training, courses can be added with staff attendance logged, and the training matrix allows you to plan ahead, booking appropriate training when required. The system also includes a messaging centre, allowing staff to communicate effectively, even when working different shifts.

In addition, business records can be kept relevant to your care setting, such as menu choices, first aid supply checks, and equipment servicing. These for part of the maintenance section, and can give you peace of mind that all equipment and health and safety records are being maintained.

Manage a Responsive Service
CareDocs supports you to make informed decisions by making important information available when you need to access it.

Care plans, contact details, chart entries and more can be viewed from mobile devices, and the management site allows you to check in at any time to review any upcoming events or reminders, giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Rapid daily note entry allows staff to record events at the point and time of care. This information is then immediately available to anyone with the correct access, and a more responsive service can be provided.

To ensure information is regularly reviewed, CareDocs has customisable reminders for every aspect of care recording and business management, from monitoring a short term care plan to completing Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). The system collates these alerts all in one place, the status page, and can be viewed remotely, which is particularly useful for staff working in multiple locations.

Customisable reports and analysis tools make it easy to review effectiveness, and to identify where improvements can be made. For example, CareDocs also encourages staff to complete an ‘emotion map’ (or mood wheel) for every daily note entry, meaning you can later analyse an individual’s mood to look for patterns or trends, and adjust their care plan, and ultimately their care, accordingly.

In addition, every review of every care plans is logged, keeping a history of changes, which allows you to evidence the responsiveness of your service to a person’s needs and their desired outcomes.

The CareDocs management site allows you to compare various KPIs for multiple sites/locations, enabling you to monitor any Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and provide additional support where difficulties are identified.

Personalise to Your Care Setting
CareDocs is flexible to your needs, and all Policies and Procedures, care plan templates, daily note event types and more can be customised to suit your needs.

CareDocs is used by residential care homes, nursing care homes, domiciliary agencies, specialist dementia units, specialist learning difficulty organisations, day care centres, hospitals and more, but we support all care settings to maintain comprehensive care and business records.

The system can be tailored to refer to the people you care for as residents, service users, patients, individuals, tenants, clients, or housemates, but this is just one of the ways CareDocs is flexible to your organisation.

Care plans in residential care homes may need a Visiting Information care plan, but not a Positive Behaviour Support care plan, whereas a day care centre supporting clients with challenging behaviour may need the opposite. A nursing care home may need additional clinical care plans, which can be created and customised to your needs. A domiciliary agency may wish to remove the End of Life Care section for all service users, where a hospital may need to include it for some patients, but not for others.

CareDocs provides a default list of daily note events types, but these can be added to, or hidden, depending on your need. Events can be pre-loaded with text, so for instance a ‘garden’ daily note event could open with the following text already present, “Sally spent some time in the garden …” allowing your staff to add “walking”, “looking at the flowers”, “sitting and talking with other residents”, or any other relevant activity.

CareDocs encourages paperless (or reduced paper) operations, but when print-outs are needed, these are all branded with your logo and company information. Therefore, any care records sent with a resident visiting a hospital can be easily identified as coming from you, and they can easily contact you if necessary.

The comprehensive Policy and Procedure suite is fully editable, and you can also add your own company-specific policies, ensuring all documentation maintains a professional and consistent style.

CareDocs Supports You
CareDocs is used by managers, care co-ordinators, matrons, keyworkers, senior carers, junior carers, cleaners, cooks, and maintenance workers.

CareDocs understands and supports each of these positions to ensure they can all use the system well, providing unlimited telephone support to any member of staff, attending on-site training tailored to your setting, holding a series of webinars focussed on different areas of the system, or arranging remote training sessions if a particular need is identified for select staff (e.g. a new manager). This accompanies a whole host of training materials available, including manuals, quick guides, and online videos.

Where CareDocs has provided hardware as part of the subscription (e.g. laptop and desktop systems), we fully support this hardware. Technical support is available during office hours, with an emergency support line available out-of-hours. Components are repaired or replaced where possible but, where necessary, complete systems are exchanged.

CareDocs has a dedicated development team that is constantly working to keep CareDocs relevant and up to date with both technology and legislation. Your feedback is also used to inform development, with consideration also given to any documents that you request be included in the extensive library that already exists.

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