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Care Home & Group management consultancy from CareDocs.

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Care Management Systems Ltd – the owners of CareDocs – have launched a new company that offers an unprecedented level of professional support to care homes.

Traditionally, when a care home has a bad inspection report, a consultant will be employed to help them with the areas that need attention and then the relationship ends. CareForge adopts a completely different approach.

If a care home has come under scrutiny, lost direction, or just wants to take a snapshot of where they are at a particular time, CareForge offers complete, professional support from the outset. Areas in which the home is doing well are identified and a report is produced with a recommended course of action to address any areas requiring attention.

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Supporting Your Journey

Professional support for care providers.

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Drawing on considerable expertise and experience, CareForge ensures that the manager is supported at every stage and works with them to make sure that the processes and knowledge are in place to achieve the required improvements.

In the early stages this service has been offered to existing CareDocs customers and the support and guidance that CareForge has provided has received unanimously positive feedback from the home managers. The action plan that is left with the home proves to be an invaluable tool to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to bring performance and standards up to the desired levels.

CareForge is now extending its range and is available to all homes whether they are current CareDocs customers or not. Enquiries have already been received from homes that need much more extensive professional support than traditional methods provide and the company is now being promoted nationwide.

Managers and owners have recognised that using CareForge’s services is an investment and can result in improved performance and cost efficiencies by streamlining procedures.

For more information please visit the CareForge website.

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