The misconceptions & reality around digital care planning

Digital care planning is an innovative approach to managing care needs using technology and its popularity is growing steadily. Technology has delivered many benefits to the care sector and is transforming the way we all work for the better

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The misconceptions & reality around digital care planning

Digital care planning is an innovative approach to managing care needs using technology and its popularity is growing steadily. Technology has delivered many benefits to the care sector and is transforming the way we all work for the better. But like with all new ideas, there can be a level of misunderstanding and misconception. As a supplier of digital care planning software with a social media presence we’re no stranger to hearing opinions. The majority of feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive but there is also a small minority who aren’t big fans of change.

Digital care planning is rarely criticised online, but when we have seen it we have yet to find a concern which applies to our product. In many cases, opinions supporting paper care plans will inadvertently reinforce the values behind our product, under the impression we have a different goal. The comments on social media we refer to were not written by our customers and likely weren’t written by current users of digital care planning software.

We’re passionate about supporting all care providers and that involves offering accurate information to help everybody recognise the benefits of digital transformation. That’s why we think it’s important to establish a common interest with people who don’t approve of digital care planning. At CareDocs we fully support person-centred care and ensure all our features give care staff the opportunity to record as much information as possible without offering shortcuts. This helps each resident receive a first-class and consistent service, which is ultimately the most important thing.

Why are some not in favour of digital care plans?

There could be several reasons why someone feels strongly against digital care planning but for the most part, the misconception comes down to a dislike for technology or a misunderstanding surrounding how to use it. This can invoke negative thoughts and hinder the experience even before getting a good opportunity to test it out. After all, why would you give something your full attention or effort if you don’t believe in it? There’s also the possibility of someone having a bad personal experience. Unfortunately not all systems are up to the standard of quality you would expect and it’s natural to assume all digital care planning is the same.

To help us make informed decisions, it’s standard practice to research technology through visiting websites, attending events, requesting demos and seeing products for ourselves. But social media is another powerful influencing tool where many of us get our news, express ourselves and absorb ideas. It’s only natural to form an opinion through word of mouth, even without first-hand experience.

We don’t believe there’s anything wrong with having a paper care management system. They have done the job for decades – we’re just passionate about the benefits care businesses can access by switching to a digital system, as well as improving the lives of staff and residents. Reputable systems like CareDocs are designed by care experts to help you save time without sacrificing care quality. Your care quality should actually see an increase from the extra time you save from eliminating certain admin tasks from your workload, and many care providers have reported achieving better inspection results due to using digital systems.

CareDocs is known for outstanding customer support and training services to help you learn the software at your own pace. We don’t just teach you how to use the software, we help you learn how to use it effectively for your business and residents to avoid misunderstandings. This is where many other software providers fail and can damage the integrity of digital care management systems. Making sure your software provider is right for you is just as important as choosing the software.

What are common misconceptions about digital care planning?

The most frequent comment we receive is ‘care plans need to be person-centred’ and this is where the majority of other concerns stream from. There’s a misconception that because a care plan has been created using a computer that it’s less personable, generic and ineffective because a computer doesn’t understand the specific needs of residents. We can’t speak for all software – there will be products on the market which have been created without having put the effort in – but as for CareDocs and other reputable systems, person-centred care is extremely achievable.

Systems which have stood the test of time will have done so by respecting the needs of their customer base and delivering a quality product. You will see it promoted online when a software has been developed working alongside care professionals to ensure it lives up to your quality expectations. CareDocs was the first system of its kind, originally developed by care home managers and picking up many more expert team members along the way.

We also sometimes hear that digital care planning removes the personal care aspect from a service when in fact it creates more one-on-one time. Normally when you speak to residents and record care using paper, you handwrite notes and return to the office afterward to write up your work and finish admin tasks. Point of care services, like CareDocs Cloud Portal allow you complete assessments and record notes while you’re with the resident. This makes the process more efficient, accurate and allows you to move onto the next resident faster, so more time can be dedicated to giving a first-class service.

How does digital care planning work?

There’s no magic wand when it comes to care technology. Care plans are incredibly important documents that require your full attention and expertise to compose, so the level of work you put into a digital care plan will also determine what you get out. CareDocs provides all the necessary tools, including a thorough digital Care Assessment designed and optimised by real care experts over years, to help create digital care plans efficiently while encouraging care staff to include as much information as possible at every step. If followed properly, it will result in a person-centred care plan.

Completing the Care Assessment will allow you to generate a draft Care Plan at the tap of a button using only the information you and the resident have supplied instead of needing to manually transfer your assessment results onto a template. However, like any good care plan we always strongly recommend reading through the draft Care Plan and personalising it, just like you would with a paper plan. But we also support you by speeding up the process, making assessments and plans easier to edit, communicating risk factors and helping you monitor when updates are due.

Interested in learning more?

If you’re considering switching to a digital care planning system but would like more information, please click here to visit our Care Planning page which contains guidance around choosing a digital system and what you should look out for. You can also find out more about the benefits of implementing technology and how it compares to traditional paper systems.

When you’re ready to make a decision, book a free demo online to see what digital care planning looks like for yourself. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and have us show you how a digital care management system can revolutionise your business. If you have any questions, contact our sales department by phoning 0330 056 3333 (opt. 2) or emailing

Originally published on May 14, 2021
Article updated on July 7, 2021

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