When CareDocs was founded, its focus was to help care staff provide a more efficient service to residents, who, in turn would benefit from improved care. Our mission remains the same today, but we have evolved massively since our launch in 2008.

We’re always looking to the future to anticipate change and to find new ways to improve. However, looking back at traditional methods of care managing, such as using paper for care planning and recording, this is something which hasn’t changed much. The reasons for going paperless are more relevant today than ever. Here are our top ten reasons why you should switch to a digital care management system.

  1. More Time to Care

One of the main motivations for creating CareDocs was to reduce time-consuming tasks. By cutting out certain admin tasks and eliminating insignificant steps from the overall care process, the way you work naturally becomes more efficient.

These tasks can be anything from rummaging for a form that you need to photocopy and then scan into the computer, sharpening a pencil, or re-writing scribbled notes. The extra time gained by not doing this, which can amount to hours each week, can then be assigned to doing what matters most – caring for the resident.

  1. High Quality Person-Centred Care

With pre-built assessments covering all aspects of health consisting of tried and tested questions written by our care experts, you can get to know your residents inside-out. As well as health, other characteristics such as emotions, likes and dislikes and how they correspond to a wide range of activities can be recorded. This information is then easily accessible by other users of the system so the resident doesn’t need to repeat themselves, resulting in a personalised care experience.

  1. GDPR Peace of Mind

You can rest assured that our software is designed with GDPR requirements firmly on our radar. We’re always keeping an eye out for the latest regulatory updates and sector news to make sure we help you deliver the highest quality care and pass your inspections.

  1. Additional Control at Your Fingertips

Maintain security and confidentiality by deciding who can access different parts of the system, so your staff only see what they need to. You can control who can view, edit, remove and add information throughout CareDocs and for individuals which also decreases potential errors.

  1. Free Up Storage Space

Shuffling through hundreds of documents in filing cabinets is a thing of the past. Physical copies of charts, forms, care plans, assessments and general resident information can take up entire rooms and the forms can be misplaced or become damaged over time. Using CareDocs, your work is completed digitally and saved on a secure server.

  1. Access Information at the Click of a Button

When you record and save work, it becomes instantly available to read for the next person accessing the system. You can find everything you need to know about a resident, staff member or the business through easy-to-access dedicated sections of the CareDocs software.

  1. Extra Management Tools

It’s not only resident care that can be logged in CareDocs. Many other business-related features exist allowing you to turn your care management system into a hub for you and your staff to find everything they need to know about your place of work. You can keep track of training, host your policies and procedures, post announcements, see important reports and KPIs, and more.

  1. Instant Collaboration

A digital care management system removes barriers between management, staff and residents, and helps to put all users on the same working level. CareDocs engages everyone in the process and allows them to play their part to accomplish one end goal – to provide the best possible care experience. Care staff can quickly access each other’s work and send messages to each other, building an efficient and healthy communication.

  1. Cut Stationery Costs

Pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, paper, printers, ink, staplers, staples, paperclips, sticky notes, folders, confidential waste bin collection. The cost all adds up, and it takes time to sort through your inventory, order more, take a delivery, restock the shelves and repeat. Having a digital care management system takes pressure off this routine so efforts can be directed elsewhere.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Reducing paper use and other waste associated with paperwork helps the environment. Not just by saving trees, but also the carbon footprint of the regular deliveries you are receiving. If you are looking for a way to become more environmentally friendly, a digital care management software can help you achieve this.

Switching to a Digital Care Management System

CareDocs is the innovative complete care recording solution, trusted by thousands of users. Designed by care experts for care experts, we understand you require a system which is easy to pick up to and learn. As well as having access to dedicated account managers, trainers and support teams, we have a wide range of user guides and videos to help you learn as you go. Get in touch today and let us know how we can help you.

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