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Care plans can be complicated documents that require many hours of work to create and a nightmare to keep up to date. For novice computer users, the additional demands of getting to grips with a word processor makes the whole process even more daunting!

Covering all aspects of a resident’s care, our care plans are clearly formatted and easy to read as well as being simple to maintain and update.

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Sample Care Plan Template and Example

Creating care plans that meet the specific requirements of individual patients is paramount for care providers and settings. Effective care plans can help support the overall care each patient is given and is an integral part of person-centred care.

We’ve created this sample care plan to empower care providers and help them reduce unnecessary admin tasks. The sample care plan includes an actionable template and framework to utilise in any care setting. Our focus is entirely on helping support those who are working in a care setting by providing tools and resources that make their lives easier.

This sample care plan template can be used by all members of staff, from new starts all the way through to senior management executives.

To get the most out of these free care plan templates and examples, we can provide 1-2-1 support and guidance to walk you through maximising the impact of any care plan.

Our friendly team here at CareDocs can help support you and your team in developing effective care plans and processes. We’ll ensure you get the most out of any care plan and that you feel confident applying these plans and templates to specific scenarios and circumstances.

Our software and care home management systems help improve care recording which means you can spend more time caring for patients and less time bogged down in administrative tasks.

To get started, simply download our sample care plan template using the online form on this page.

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