Body Maps

What are Body Maps?

Body Maps are used to accurately reference which body part is currently undergoing a treatment or experiencing a condition. This is done with the aid of an image of the human body.

CareDocs Feature Body Maps What are Body Maps

How are Body Maps used?

Our Body Map feature lets you visually pinpoint where on the body a condition is affecting a resident. This helps you accurately track its physical progression so care can be issued accordingly. A wide selection of conditions can be recorded under each of the following categories:

  • Bone injury
  • Bruise / contusion
  • Brun / scald
  • Eye condition
  • Infection / inflammation
  • Injections / vaccinations
  • Pain
  • Pressure injury / moisture lesion
  • Skin condition
  • Spasm / strain / sprain
  • Swelling
  • Trauma / wound
  • Other

To save you time, we’ve programmed in an editable description for the majority of conditions. The information will appear automatically as part of your recording. All you need to do is customise the text where necessary to increase it’s accuracy to reflect your resident’s specific circumstances.

Extra information can be added to assist with the care process, such as noting a precise location and its measurements, what the plan of care will be and whether a reminder is necessary. Similar to Daily Note events, Body Map events can be published at the point of creation including adding a photo of the wound or condition.

CareDocs Feature Body Maps How are Body Maps Used

What benefits do Body Maps provide?

You can paint a clearer picture of a condition, its progress and treatment, so other staff can have an accurate portrayal of the type of care needed. The benefits to the resident start with better care, which can lead to improved mood and confidence.

Who benefits from Body Maps?

With additional tools at hand to record precise information, staff can treat conditions more accurately. When you have an effective plan of care in place from the start of a treatment, less time and resources are spent optimising the treatment process. Care home managers who have healthier and happier residents will benefit from higher standards of compliance.

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CareDocs is a powerful tool in supporting our compliance with the Fundamental Standards
We are happy to recommend CareDocs as the software is a powerful tool in supporting our compliance with the Fundamental Standards. Its ability to upload records to Resident files is also helping us move towards a goal of a paperless environment.
Sharon Annakie
Registered Manager, Abele Care
The outstanding support from the CareDocs team is fantastic
There has been a genuine willingness to use CareDocs as the care staff could really see the benefit of using it. I was immediately struck by the intuitive way in which it had been built, & the breadth of the functionality it supported. The outstanding support from the CareDocs team is fantastic.
Nicola Hazzard
Quality Assurance Manager, Cross Crown Care Homes
The Care Plan and Body Map features are amazing
I would recommend CareDocs to be used in care homes as it is a really efficient system for recording. The Care Plan and Body Map features are amazing.
Diana Piscoi
Clinical Lead, Carebase
Abbas Abeadli
One of the best investments!
CareDocs is arguably one of the best investments our home has made and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of changing from paperwork to a computer management system.
Abbas Abeadli
Deputy Manager, Eton House
Cheryl Williams
CareDocs has been our saviour!
CareDocs has been our saviour and has assisted us with managing and maintaining compliance and the quality of the person-centred care we provide, impressing our inspectors on many occasions.
Cheryl Williams
Registered Manager

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Our software gives you freedom to work the way you want. With plenty of customisable settings, CareDocs caters to businesses of all sizes and staff of all levels. Don’t just take our word for it – our system is trusted by thousands of users across the UK working in small and large residential, nursing and domiciliary settings.

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