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Taking the stress out of care home documentation, policies and procedures.

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Managing the paperwork required to meet current standards is always a problem and difficult to keep up to date.

A range of the most common forms used in care homes is included and we’re always adding to these as the demands of homes and governing bodies change.

CareDocs makes form-filling a breeze, thanks to our range of up-to-date templates. The completed documentation can be printed or stored as required. This is a particularly attractive feature for those care homes who are looking to reduce the amount of paperwork that is generated throughout home management and the care planning process.

New Policies and Procedures from CareDocs!

Policies and Procedures has been designed to help our customers proactively create, maintain and oversee all policy and procedural documents, ensuring all members of staff are kept up-to-date with ease.

What Documentation is Included in CareDocs?

There is a range of forms and templates for policies and procedures included as standard; these cover both residents’ and the care home’s needs:

Residents’ Forms

Some of the forms available with CareDocs documentation include:

  • Advance care plan and decision.
  • Bed rails assessment.
  • Behaviour record and care review.
  • Consent for photography.
  • Daily tuning record.
  • Fluid balance and stool chart.
  • Food and nutrition monitoring.
  • Incident report.
  • Life story.
  • Personal belongings.
  • Physical intervention sheet.
  • Pre-admission assessment.
  • Accident/Incident report.
  • Self-medication risk assessment.
  • Daily repositioning record.
  • Wound care report.
Monitoring Charts

CareDocs offers monitoring charts that cover the following areas. These not only record the relevant data but also automatically chart the results.

  • Weight.
  • Heart rate.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Temperature.
  • Glucose.
  • Respiration.
  • Epileptic seizure.
  • Pain assessment.
  • Oxygen saturation.
  • Timed up and go test.
Care Home Forms
  • General risk assessment.
  • Lunch choices.
  • PPE inspections.
  • Post-restraint debrief.
  • TILE assessment.

Download a Sample Care Plan.

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What are the Advantages?

Why your home can rely on the CareDocs system.

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All of your records are stored securely within CareDocs and you decide who can have access to the information, with all information being recorded in a standardised format to enable fast and time-saving input.

By having the forms easily accessible, carers will be able to complete the relevant documentation as soon they need to without any hassle.

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