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Without having to leave the house.

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With CareDocs Connect, your service users’ family, friends and health professionals can share instant updates online, any time of day.

How Does It Work?

When your care staff log updates about a service user, relevant notes and files will be instantly shared with their contacts through the CareDocs Connect website. In return, the contact can send text messages, files and photos back to the service user.

It’s our simple, in-development solution for sharing support and encouragement with the people who need it most. We will continue developing the feature and we welcome development feedback and requests from customers.

If you are a customer and would like to know more about this feature then please call us on 0330 056 3333 or email at

If you are enquiring about purchasing the system then please call us on 0330 056 3333 or email on

v4.3.4 COVID-19 Release
The newest version of CareDocs is now available which includes the COVID-19 Status Report feature. Track symptoms, create forms, see reports and manage resident status across your home.
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CareDocs Connect
Your residents can share care updates with family, friends and health professionals through our dedicated website. Connect contacts can also send text messages and photos back to your residents directly through CareDocs.
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Key Features of CareDocs

CareDocs smartly guides you through each assessment, ensuring nothing is forgotten.
Clear and easy user interfaces on both touch screen mobile devices and desktops always guide you through processes. This includes simple multiple-choice questions that even a newcomer to care can understand.
Up-to-date with all current CQC, CIW and Care Inspectorate standards.
Levels of risk are assessed and calculated automatically and actual risks are easily identified.
Sections of an assessment can be excluded if these are not appropriate for your organisation. CareDocs can adapt to the needs of different care homes whether they are Domiciliary, Mental Health, Nursing or Residential.
Visit clients at their own home or hospital with full access to the CareDocs assessment, providing you with the same tools that you would have from a care home office, thanks to CareDocs Cloud.
Care plans are intelligently created for each resident, based upon data they or their care professional provide.
Care plans can be created quickly and effectively, while irrelevant questions are avoided as CareDocs intelligently adapts future questions to your earlier responses.

CareDocs ensures care plans do not go out of date, and the questions asked ensure they are accurate.