Bringing People Together Safely

Care staff have been overwhelmed. Residents have been isolated. Families have been worrying. These are a few of the many impacts the coronavirus pandemic is having on the care sector, presenting unique challenges to everyone involved. To take some of the pressure away, we have developed CareDocs Connect, a feature that bridges the communication gap formed by COVID-19 and brings all parties together in one place.

With your residents’ consent, certain care provided and recorded through the CareDocs system will be stored for three days on our dedicated CareDocs Connect website. This allows any permitted resident contacts like family, friends and medical professionals including GPs, to log on any time of day and check for care updates, providing peace of mind at the click of a button.

It’s easy and fast to log resident consent and to invite resident contacts to join Connect, all achievable directly through CareDocs by a manager. Once consent has been granted, care staff can begin sharing care notes and files to Connect, which are only accessible by resident contacts with the necessary security permissions.

Protecting Sensitive Information

To help maintain confidentiality and ensure contacts only see the information they need, the manager has the option to determine whether the resident contact should see Personal, Social or Clinical care updates, or a combination each. Personal includes sensitive information which might be more beneficial for family members to know. Social could be more relevant for friends who wish to keep up to date with the activities your resident is involved with. Clinical may be more suited to medical professionals to enable them to see and share updates related to health care.

When the contacts have logged in to the CareDocs Connect website, as well as viewing updates and files, they also have a few options to interact with the resident. Contacts can send text messages – perfect for small notes of encouragement or just to check in to let the resident know they are thinking of them. They can also send personal photos and any files they may feel are relevant to the care. GPs, for example, may find this particularly useful for providing care instructions remotely, especially as many people cannot leave their residence. These are all received by the care staff directly through CareDocs, who then relay the messages to the resident.

Our Digital Solution

We understand that care staff are dealing with tremendous stress and the people closest to your residents may not be able to visit but still need information. As an alternative to spending time talking over the phone or writing emails – staff, visitors and GPs can now keep in touch over the health of residents through CareDocs Connect. It’s our simple, in-development solution for sharing support and encouragement with the people who need it most, taking some extra work off everyone’s plates.

If you are a customer and would like to know more about this feature then please call us on 0330 056 3333 or email at

If you are enquiring about purchasing the software then please call us on 0330 056 3333 or email on

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