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Person-centred care is at the heart of CareDocs.

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Ensuring those you care for receive the most appropriate care is what we strive for. To support you to achieve this, we provide intelligent and comprehensive (yet easy to understand) assessments.

Using your answers, and combining them with other information such as DOB, height, and weight, CareDocs produces a personalised care plan, reflective of the needs and preferences of each individual.

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The complete care recording solution.

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Care Planning – as easy as 1-2-3!

CareDocs employs a unique 3-step process to create fully comprehensive and person-centred care plans.

Step 1
Complete an assessment using the CareDocs system.

Completing assessments can be a complex and time-consuming process that requires an in-depth knowledge of current standards and legislation.

There is always the inherent risk that some areas may be overlooked or missed or, with standards changing all the time, some questions become outdated.

With CareDocs you’ll never have to worry about assessments. We ensure that they cover all the necessary areas, and that they are kept up to date with all current regulations.

We have simplified the process so that even a complete novice can complete a full and thorough assessment. A series of interactive questions guide the user through all the sections and builds a complete profile of the resident. Each question is determined by the answer to the previous question, thereby ensuring that only the necessary questions within each section appear.

Once you have completed the assessment, you’ll be able to automatically generate a personalised care plan which you can fine-tune and edit as much as you wish.

Separate assessments categories are also available for Waterlow, MUST, Fall Risk and Pain Assessment.

Download a sample CareDocs assessment. >

Step 2
CareDocs will generate a draft care plan.

CareDocs creates a personalised care plan from a completed assessment in a matter of seconds. All the information about the resident that has been gathered in the assessment is used to compile a comprehensive and personalised care plan.

The sections are written in full using the resident’s name and all the text can be edited to include other information about the resident or amend the wording as you wish.

By any other method, it’s only once the assessment has been completed that you can start thinking about writing the care plan. This normally takes considerable time and effort to ensure that all the relevant information is entered under the correct headings and all the facts are included.

Step 3
Personalise your bespoke care plan.

It is at this stage that the draft care plan must be edited to make it a truly person-centred document. The inclusion of more detailed information, medical and life history and other intimate details will ensure that the care plan is a comprehensive and detailed document.

As well as the text content, each section has a risk rating and a level of assistance indication – both calculated from the assessment – which can be amended if necessary.

Since the entire care plan is editable it can be kept up to date quickly and easily, minimising the risk of it containing incorrect or outdated information. It also means that every care plan can be truly person-centred and fully compliant.

All amendments and updates to the care plan are held within the CareDocs system so you can track any changes and retain a full audit trail.

To help keep printing costs to a minimum, you can choose to print just an individual section or the entire care plan; but it will always look professional and be branded with your care home’s logo and details.

Download a sample CareDocs care plan. >