The process of creating care plans is an extremely important exercise. The plan needs to focus on the needs and abilities of individual residents and care delivery that suits the resident’s specific requirements – the aim of the care plan is to provide a better outcome for the resident.

Care plans can be created in numerous ways, but it’s crucial that all of the essential information is contained in the plan. This includes an assessment of all Activities of Daily living as per the Roper, Logan and Tierney model. The care plan that is derived from the assessment will direct caregivers into delivering the optimum level of care.

Here at CareDocs, we focus on creating digital care plans that truly make a difference to the wellbeing of each individual. Our care planning software has been designed to create exhaustive, yet personalised care plans that contains all of the necessary information.

Quick and Easy-Care Plans

One of the major benefits of creating care plans digitally is that it takes considerably less time to produce. With CareDocs, rather than having to go through the time-consuming process of having to create the whole care plan, a unique 3-step process enables the care plan to be developed quickly and easily.

The first part is for an assessment to be carried out. This involves a series of multi-choice questions, ensuring that all of the required information is obtained from the person receiving care.

Once all of the questions are completed, an automatic and comprehensive plan will be generated. This process usually takes significant effort and time to make sure that all of the relevant information is included and stored under the correct headings. However, our care planning system ensures an extensive care plan is created in seconds, with all of the resident’s information stored under the suitable headings.

The last part of the process is for final edits or additions to be made and to ensure that the care plan is person centred. This allows the caregiver or individual and their family to add any extra information or make any slight amends so that the care is bespoke to the resident. Any adjustments made to the care plan are stored in the CareDocs system, enabling the carer to track any changes and refer back to previous plans.

Comprehensive Care Plans

It’s crucial that all care plans contain all the mandatory information about each resident, and with digital care plans, all aspects of care are taken into consideration. The medication and dosage instructions are included in the plan, as are some of the individual’s preferences and choices. This allows the carers to understand the resident’s medical health, as well as their personality which is vital in helping to establish a relationship and trust between the carer and resident.

Create Personal Care Plans

Initially, people might think that digital care plans are generic and aren’t personal to the person receiving care. However, each individual is the priority, and the plans are designed and structured so that the prime concern is making sure that the necessary care is provided. If any of the sections of the care plan don’t apply to a resident, they can be removed so that only the necessary information is stored. Throughout the system there is opportunities to add free text entries so that the care plan is bespoke and person centred.

Editable Care Plans

Another handy feature of creating care plans electronically is that it allows for edits to be quickly and easily made. If a resident’s condition was to change, the carer or care home manager can easily amend the document so that all care plans are always kept up to date, which is a much quicker process than having to re-write an entire care plan.

A feature of CareDocs, CareDocs Mobile, also allows carers to add notes or update charts to any of the care home’s resident’s care plans. Being able to input the necessary information at the point of care helps to ensure that all information stored about the resident is up to date.

Accessible Care Plans

A particular advantage for larger care homes, digital care plans allows for multiple carers to have access to each care plan. This is ideal for situations where residents have different carers, as staff can remind themselves of the resident’s need at any time, ensuring they receive the correct care. However, they offer supreme levels of security, as only authorised personnel are able to view and edit the care plans by entering their own, unique password.

CQC Compliant Care Plans

As rules and regulations are often changing, it can be easy for digital care plans to become outdated. However, with CareDocs’ digital care planning procedure, the care plans have been designed to make sure they are up to date with the most recent standards. The care planning assessment will always comply with current standards, and alerts will be sent to your care home when any reviews or reassessments are due or outstanding.

This is why we believe using digital care plans is the most reliable and effective method of providing the correct care to residents within a care home. It provides an easy-to-use management system for care homes, and ensures each resident receives the appropriate care.

If you think you would like more information concerning care plans, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer an efficient solution for care homes looking to deliver effective care.

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