Running a care home can be a complex and tricky responsibility. From making sure all residents are receiving the correct care, to recording staff absences, there is an endless number of tasks for care home owners to accomplish on a daily basis.

However, technological advancements in the health and social care industry have helped to assist care home managers efficiently manage their establishment. Innovative care management software, for example, has been designed to help with the general day-to-day tasks of a care home. It brings an array of advantages that all care homes can benefit from, helps to ensure the establishment runs smoothly and reduces the pressures put on care home managers and their staff.

Improved Record Keeping in Care Homes

Care management software becomes your care home’s central place for all of your care home’s documents and information. All records are stored in one place, allowing managers and staff to have immediate access to relevant files. This includes general information concerning the care home including the Policies and Procedures, the resident’s care plans, and information regarding the home’s staff.

Time Saving Care Home Management Software

One of the main purposes of care home management software is to save time. From creating comprehensive care plans to recording all daily care given, all information is paperless and entered digitally. No longer will staff have to handwrite details about the care they have provided, nor will they have to search through stacks of paper files to find the correct information: instead, using the easy-to-use software, staff can have immediate access to the appropriate records.

Improve Cost-Efficiency Within Care Homes

With paper files, unless there were numerous tangible copies of the documents (which would waste print money and take up room), only one person would be able to view the document at any one time, restricting the productivity of the care home. However, storing all information digitally allows for several members of staff to view the same file on different devices, whilst saving costs.

Point-of-Care Recording

All health records that are stored digitally have the ability to be quickly edited. As the database and all documents stored on it can be accessed from a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet, files can be quickly reviewed by the carer when a patient’s requirements develop or change. Having the capability to provide point-of-care recording helps with a care home’s efficiency and ability to ensure that all information concerning residents are accurate and up to date.

Person Centred Care Planning

Care plans are an essential part of a care home’s effort to provide the most beneficial care to their residents. It’s vital that the plans are person centred and involves the input of the resident and their family, as it helps to make sure the plan is accurate and offers a solution that meets the specific needs of the individual.

Here at CareDocs, our speciality is creating comprehensive and personalised care plans. Using our unique three-step process and a person-centred approach that encourages resident involvement, a thorough and CQC compliant care plan is created. It is a considerably quicker method of creating a care plan than other processes, yet still provides a detailed plan. For more information about how CareDocs can help make a difference to your care home, please get in touch today.

Maintain CQC Compliance

One of the main objectives of the CQC inspection reports is to assess how well the care home is managed, and effectively utilising care home management software can be instrumental in helping to meet these requirements. The system helps to manage and organise the operations of the care home, and also sends alerts to the care home when an update is needed, making sure the care home is always complying with the latest standards.

Safe & Secure Health Records

All data stored in residential care home software is substantially more secure than paper copies. Each device where data is stored is encrypted to help prevent unauthorised access, and all data and information stored complies with the latest General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Members of staff are also required to enter their unique, complex password to gain access to the files, and the care home manager is able to view who has read and edited each document.

Care Home Management & CareDocs

Here at CareDocs, we are passionate about ensuring care homes provide the best level of care to their residents. Our innovative care home management system helps to make the lives of those working in care homes easier, and make it easier for them to make the difference they want to. If you would like to find out more about how the CareDocs system can benefit your care home, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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