Why Should I Fix What Isn’t Broken?

You can always improve upon performance even if your current system does the job just fine. Staying fixed to one method of working has its limitations and it might even suit some businesses better, but there’s a good chance it’s also limiting growth potential. Looking forward to advancements in the way you provide a service will keep you ahead of your competitors, engage staff and enhance the care you give to your residents. Otherwise, before you know it, vulnerabilities can develop that other businesses will have foreseen and taken advantage of.

Before care management software like CareDocs existed, everything would be handwritten and stored in filing cabinets. The process then became computerised, which decreased time-consuming tasks, improved person-centred care and allowed for information to be securely saved in a digital environment for staff members and inspectors to access at the click of a button. The care sector is now moving quickly towards mobile platforms for its next natural step, letting you work wherever is required.

Mobile Benefits

Remote and homeworking, automatic data backups, reducing shared computer use and putting an end to queueing for the computer: these are some safety-enhancing, health-conscious and timesaving perks of going mobile. Particularly helpful when trying to social distance to avoid spreading COVID-19. On top of this, there are additional benefits unique to care management.

CareDocs Cloud is our solution to improved care recording and management both inside and outside your care setting. It takes the fantastic features from the CareDocs software and gives you back even more control. Care staff can provide point of care recording anywhere by using a device with an internet connection through our dedicated CareDocs Cloud Portal website. You can also access information about residents at any time and control access permissions remotely to maintain resident security, proving useful if an emergency comes up on your day off. Overall, it reduces the need to go back to the office to check or backup important work.

Steps to Getting Ahead

You might be considering introducing mobile technology into your business but are unsure the best way to go about it. Doing so means everyone has to get used to a new way of working, to learn new systems and remember extra steps. It can be a lot of work but investing the time in launching your new technology properly can save hours of unnecessary collective admin work every week.

Here are our five tips for getting the most out of your mobile launch and your staff:

1. Have a clear vision for change: To bring your staff onboard, make sure everybody understands exactly why adjustments are being made and what the benefits are. People generally don’t like change unless they know it will impact them in a positive way.

2. Leadership and management: Lead by example and spend time getting to know the system and putting everything in place. If you don’t put the effort in, you can’t expect your staff to. You’ll be faced with a lot of questions and perhaps even some criticism. How you handle it in the early stages can be make-or-break for instilling confidence in your technology.

3. Communication: Adopting new technology can bring with it challenges for new users, such as changes to existing processes. Launch as a team and listen to feedback to acknowledge any weaknesses or unforeseen issues that you will need to address or adapt to. Brainstorming solutions will build interest and get people talking.

4. Employee learning and development: Promote group learning so your staff are all on the same level and nobody is left behind. Ask for volunteers to take on extra responsibility and champion the technology and become a resource for others to learn from. It’s an opportunity for people to step up and show what they can do.

5. Reward: Focus on quality over quantity and set achievable goals: Celebrate success no matter how small and reinforce the improvements being made from the new ways of working.

By following these steps, you should not only see a successful tech launch with staff engagement, but also a more confident and stronger team who are working to make the business more efficient. It’s important to take your time and to expect challenges. Giving 100% focus is essential, as you’re not just launching a technology, you’re changing the way your business is run.

To find out more about how CareDocs Cloud can transform your care business, please contact us today on 0330 056 3333 or via email at SalesGroup@caredocs.co.uk.

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